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Woman on hiking trail stopping to check her dog for ticks

Spring has sprung - its arrival signaled by warmer temps, blooming trees, and more fun outdoor activities with your pet! But with those warmer temperatures and increased activities come those ever-pesky fleas and ticks. But don’t fear – there are plenty of methods and tools available in your fight against the bites. Arm yourself with the knowledge and products necessary to protect your dog or cat from the dangers of flea and tick bites and you and your pet will be ready to enjoy all the benefits this season has to offer!

Person applying topical flea and tick treatment to small dog

Topical Situation
While these warmer months do allow fleas and ticks the opportunity to thrive, there’s no doubt that year-round prevention of the harmful parasites is the best approach. Like the adage says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” One easy way to do that is with topical medications, also known as “spot-on” medications. They are an easy, monthly treatment applied to the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. Many spot-on treatments also control other pests like lice and are often waterproof. It’s important to check the descriptions of each treatment you’re considering, as the benefits can vary by product. It is also very important to be sure you’re using the treatment formulated for your pet. Some preventatives designed for dogs are toxic for cats. Be sure to check the product label and use as directed.
Another effective approach is to use medicated collars. Flea and tick collars can last for many months and can even be more effective against ticks since they are close to the neck and face area where ticks tend to gravitate. Collars can also be less expensive than other treatments. Ask your vet if a flea and tick collar or spot-on treatment is right for your pet.

Happy Jack Russell terrier jumping in a field of flowers

It's Only Natural
Prefer to take a more natural approach to flea and tick prevention? There are more solutions available than ever before to treat your fur baby with natural remedies. We’ve partnered with tested, effective brands to bring you the selection you need to find the right fit for your dog or cat. From herbal supplement powders and drops to organic sprays to collars made with essential oils, there are plenty of natural products you can use to prevent, mitigate, and treat your pet and home for fleas, ticks, and more.

Woman brushing content short haired cat lying on floor

Spring Cleaning
One of the best ways to prevent external parasite infestation is by keeping your pet, home, and yard clean. Regular grooming is not only a way to spend quality time with your pet, but you can use that opportunity to check under their coat for pests. Similarly, regular treatment of your outdoor areas with flea and tick sprays, combined with a well-maintained yard, can keep those unwanted guests from even getting close to your dog or cat. If you do find fleas or ticks on your pet or inside your home, don’t fret. There are products for eliminating parasites on your pet, as well as various options for indoor treatment that can help get you back on track to happy, itch-free home.

Whether you choose topical, medicated treatments or an all-natural approach, combining that with regular grooming and cleaning will no doubt keep you a step ahead of fleas and ticks this season, so you’ll be well prepared to enjoy these gorgeous days with your furry friends! Let us help supply you with the tools you need to experience an enriching life for both you and your pets!
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