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Loyalty Program

Rewarding loyalty - it's only natural

  • At The Natural Dog we offer our Loyalty Program so you can be rewarded for purchasing the food and treats your pet already loves.

Easy As 1-2-3

It's a simple to take advantage of our Loyalty Program and receive FREE* products:

customer account icon

Step 1: Create a customer account in-store or online (If you're unsure if you already have one, contact us and we'll check for you)

loyalty item icon

Step 2: Look for our Loyalty Program icon on participating products and purchase the required amount of bags or cans from participating brands within a 12 month period

shopping tag icon

Step 3: Redeem your FREE* product

Current Programs

Brand Buy Type Get
ACANA 12 bags/cases 1
Almo Classic Complete 12 cases 1
Annamaet 12 bags 1
Answers 12 cartons 1
A Pup Above 12 bags 1
Barkworthies 10 treats 1
BFF 12 cases 1
Blue Buffalo 12 bags/cases 1
Boss Dog (Goat Milk) 12 bottles 1
Boss Dog (Frozen Yogurt) 12 4 packs 1
Canidae 12 bags/cases 1
Chicken Soup for the Soul 12 bags/cases 1
Dave's 12 cases 1
Dr. Marty (Food) 12 bags 1
Dr. Marty (Supplements) 5 tubs 1
Dr. Marty (Treats) 8 bags 1
Earthborn 12 bags/cases 1
Essence 12 bags/cases 1
Evanger's 10 bags/cases 1
Farmina 12 bags 1
Four Paws 10 bags 1
Fresh News 12 bags 1
Fromm 12 bags/cases 1
Fussie Cat 12 bags/cases 1
Go! 12 bags 1
Grandma Lucy's (Food) 12 bags 1
Green Juju 12 bags/tubs 1
Health Extension 12 bags/cases 1
Holistic Select 12 bags/cases 1
Horizon 12 bags 1
Inception 12 bags/cases 1
Krunch 9 cartons 1
Liq 9 cartons 1
Merrick 12 bags/cases 1
Natural Balance 12 bags/cases 1
Nature's Logic 12 bags/cases 1
Northwest Naturals 12 tubes/cases 1
Now! 12 bags 1
NutriSource 12 bags/cases 1
Nutro 12 bags/cases 1
Nature's Variety 12 bags/cases 1
Open Farm 12 bags/cases 1
Orijen 12 bags/cases 1
PetKind 12 cases 1
Plato Pet Treats 10 bags 1
Primal 12 bags 1
Professional+ 12 bags 1
PureVita 12 bags/cases 1
Shameless 8 bags 1
Skout's Honor 10 bottles 1
Solid Gold 7 bags/cases 1
Stella & Chewy's (Dry) 6 bags 1
Stella & Chewy's (Freeze Dried/Frozen) 12 bags 1
Steve's 10 bags 1
Taste of the Wild 10 bags/cases 1
Taste of the Wild Prey 8 bags 1
Tiki Cat 12 cases 1
Treatibles (Chews) 9 bags/tubs 1
Treatibles (Droppers) 7 bottles 1
Trippet 12 cases 1
Ultimates 12 bags 1
Ultra Oil 6 bottles 1
Wellness 12 bags/cases 1
Weruva 12 cases 1
Wild Delight 10 bags 1
World's Best 10 bags 1
Whole Earth Farms 12 bags/cases 1
Wholesomes 12 bags 1
Zignature 12 bags/cases 1

Not a Loyalty Program Member? Questions?
Ask a staff member in-store to help, sign up by creating an account online, or contact us today!


*The Details

Free product is applied as a coupon reward on your customer account and is specific to each brand. For example, Fromm rewards can only be used on Fromm products (dog/cat food, wet/dry food, treats, and any other eligible products of the same brand will accumulate towards a single coupon reward to be applied to your account). The coupon reward is an average dollar value of the required amount of eligible purchases within the brand.

Loyalty Program eligibility is determined based on brand as well as delivery method. Some purchases made online are not eligible for Loyalty Program benefits due to vendor agreements. Contact us to determine specific eligibility.

Our Loyalty Program is currently only available for In-store, Curbside Pickup, or Local Delivery purchases.

Q: What can I redeem my reward for?

A: Once your reward is added to your account, redeem it on any item that is the same size under that brand and line. For instance, if you've bought the required number of 25 lb bags of PureVita Grain Free Dog Food, you can redeem your reward for any 25 lb bag of PureVita Grain Free Dog Food. It does not have to be the same recipe - only the same brand, line, and size. Redeemed items must be of equal or lesser value than purchased items.

Q: Can I get my free item delivered for free?

A: Your free product is not eligible for free Local Delivery on its own. Delivery charges will apply unless you make additional purchases that equal the $59 subtotal requirement for free delivery. A good option may be to add your free item to your next qualifying delivery. Free products are not eligible for free shipping. Shipping charges do apply and are based upon total order weight.

Q: Where's my free stuff?

A: You can easily track your current Loyalty Program counts in your online account profile or by asking a cashier the next time you make an in-store purchase. To redeem your free product, follow these easy steps:

  • In-store: Simply ask the cashier to apply your Loyalty Program credit during your purchase.
  • Online: Add the eligible items to your cart and during the checkout process keep your eye out for a green-highlighted coupon and click the Apply button next to it.