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Woman teaching dog to lie down

If you’re thinking about training your dog (or cat!) you are already on the right track to a better experience with your pet. Proper training is one of your dog’s most basic needs and something you can do yourself – even as a beginner! It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you take it step by step, you’ll find in time that the key to having a good dog is having a well-trained dog!

The T Word Using treat to train dog to shake

The T Word
Dog owners know that as soon as you say the word “treat” within earshot of your pup, their ears perk up and you have their attention. Using (and keeping) that attention is helpful in basic training of your pet. While there are many different ways to train a dog or cat, most professionals agree that positive reinforcement is the best way for both pet and trainer. Keeping a supply of small, soft, low-calorie treats handy during training is essential in the beginning stages of training your dog. The key is to find a training treat that your dog loves and that will keep their attention. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to training treats and there’s sure to be one that your pup can’t get enough of!

Walk it Out person walking small dog on leash

Walk it Out
When starting a training regiment, there are some basic commands that every dog needs to learn that help provide structure. Among those are commands like sit, stay, and come. Especially when working with a puppy or a dog that is not used to these commands, it’s important to start them out on a lead. As you become more confident that they will obey those commands, you can progress to a longer lead and eventually try with no lead at all.
Besides learning commands, dogs are more apt to behave if they have healthy ways to expend their energy. Taking your dog for a nice walk is an excellent way to focus their energy – literally – in one direction. It also gives you a great opportunity to work on proper leash behavior! Walking past people, other dogs, and all those objects pups like to sniff (trees, fire hyrdrants, etc.) will give you the chance to teach your canine to keep their focus ahead and not get distracted (don’t forget those treats – they’re perfect for this!) Finding the right sized collar, harness, or lead is an important part of being ready to train your furry friend.

Who's a Good Dog Two dogs lying on pillow they destroyed

Who's a Good Dog?
Don’t get too frustrated if early on it seems like your dog or cat is having difficulty with training and may display some behavioral issues. When you experience setbacks, just use those as learning opportunities for what works and what doesn’t. And keep in mind, there are many products available to help with problems that arise. Is your cat still clawing at the furniture? Is your puppy occasionally having accidents in the house? These and many other issues can be addressed by supplementing your training with proven products that encourage better behavior from your pets. Before you know it, you’ll be getting lots of tail wags and happy smiles from your good boy or girl!

Whether it’s following basic commands, walking on a leash, or behaving well in your house, the positive impact that training will have on your pet will be undeniable. Let us help supply you with the tools you need to build an enriching life for both you and your pets!
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