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Bring on the dog days Golden Retriever running through water at edge of lake

Contrary to what Florence + The Machine may have told you, the dog days are not over – and that’s just fine by us. Armed with the right knowledge and tools, you and your pet can absolutely enjoy the summer days ahead without letting the heat get to you!

Dog with red bandana drinking water from collapsible pet dish

Just Add Water
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The most important thing you and your pet need during the heat of summer is water. Proper hydration is always a good thing, but especially when the temps are high. Whether your pets are inside or out, they need an adequate supply of fresh, clean water. If you’re experiencing a heat wave in your area, try adding ice cubes to their water for extra relief.

Providing ample water at home is simple enough – putting out extra bowls or using an automatic waterer with a large reservoir will keep you from constantly filling dishes. But sometimes having water while outside on a walk or traveling can prove more challenging. There are great solutions available such as collapsible bowls, portable water bottles specially designed for pets, and even natural rubber mats that you can freeze water into for an extra cool experience!

Small black dog with orange lifejacket shaking off water from pool

Play It Cool
No bones about it – outside temperatures can be dangerous for your dog or cat. There are plenty of reasons to limit your pet’s outdoor exercise during the summer - hot and humid air, even hotter pavement (tip: hose down that driveway) - but part of the fun of summer is the chance to get out and play, so what’s a pet parent to do?

While avoiding the high temps is the simplest way to prevent heat-related issues, you can take some simple steps to help ensure your playtime is nice and cool. For instance, when kept wet, cooling vests and neck gaiters made from heat resistant, breathable fabric can help to cool off your pup on hot days. As a bonus, they offer protection from those pesky summer insects! If a hosed-down driveway and a kiddie pool is not really your style, pick up a lifejacket for your buddy and head to the lake for a cool dip or a morning paddle board trip. When it’s time to rest, let your dog relax on a cooling pad for some chilled-out comfort.

Another important part of keeping your pet cool outside is to ensure they’re properly groomed according to their breed. Some breeds of dogs and cats may need some extra attention this time of year. An undercoat brush can help remove the leftover hair from colder days and give your pet a lighter coat for the summer. Check with your vet or one of our groomers for tips on your specific breed!

Long-haired dog with paw on owner's hand enjoying licking a homemade popsicle

Ice, Ice Baby
As the days grow hotter, you’ll soon start to hear the alluring sound of the ice cream truck – and who doesn’t love a frozen treat? But while it may be tempting to let your furry friend have the last few licks of your ice cream cone, a better option would be to offer them something specially formulated with their dietary needs in mind. For healthy treats that are already frozen and ready to go, give them tasty frozen, Greek-style yogurt or goat milk. Or for a fun, homemade treat that they’ll find irresistible, make ‘pupsicles’ with their favorite fortified bone broth or mousse!

Another super fun way to make a portable, frozen treat that will keep your pet cool and entertained is to freeze their broth or mousse into a lick-able, natural rubber mat that promotes stimulation, aids digestion, and even cleans their tongue! And don't forget, while some lickable treats can't be frozen, they can still be refrigerated to help cool your pup's tongue.

While it’s important to be careful as the temperatures rise, there’s no reason why you and your pet can’t both enjoy the months ahead! With the right tools for proper hydration, careful outdoor play, and yummy frozen treats, you and your dog or cat can make some great memories together this summer!

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