Trainer Information:



Megan Blake and Kat Voss


Prices for group classes are as follows, and class selections will be decided during a free behavioral assessment. Please contact the store for details:

"PRE-K9" Puppy Class: $140 for 4 x 1-hour group sessions and 1 x half-hour private session. Group puppy class requires all puppies to be between 4 and 6 months. The Puppy Class teaches the 7 basic obedience commands for dogs: Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, No, and Off. We also cover the Shake command, and discuss potty training and crate training.

"Big Kid" Intermediate Class: $180 for 6 x 1-hour group sessions. Intermediate class requires the dog to be between 10 months and 2 years old, and to have completed a basic obedience course. The Intermediate Class expands on the basic obedience commands, and demonstrates fun tricks like high five, comfy, and roll over. We also begin working on Place, and the foundations of a Canine Good Citizen.

One-on-One Classes are priced on an individual basis, but range from 3-session basic obedience, 6-session problem solving, or 8-session therapy preparation. One-on-One Classes are for dogs 12 weeks of age and up.

Once a client has completed the courses, they are welcome to attend our Class Reunion Events that provide socialization opportunities in a safe, controlled environment.  They can also stop by for half-hour "happy visits" once a month to discuss progress and receive advice on any new behaviors. Please contact the store for details.