arcBARKS Peanut Butter Barkers Dog Treats

arcBARKS Peanut Butter Barkers Dog Treats

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arcBARKS Peanut Butter Dog Treats are hand made in our North Carolina bakery by bakers with special needs. Our preservative-free ingredients include flour, oats, freshly ground peanut butter, oil, water, and that “special” ingredient that makes a dog’s tail wag, love. Each box contains 7 oz. of barkin’ good treats that have a 12-month shelf life. Peanut Butter Barkers are now available as 2″ Classic Bones or 1″ MiniBones. We promise that we put as much love into our treats as you put into your pup.

Available in 7 oz bags in 2 sizes of bones:

  • 2" Classic Bones
  • 1" MiniBones


Flour, oats, peanut butter, oil, water.