Barkworthies Beef Trachea with Kangaroo Filling - 04" Dog Treat

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Barkworthies Beef Trachea with Kangaroo Filling is a completely unique addition to our new Gourmet line of chews. A tried and true favorite, beef trachea, is now chock-full of ground kangaroo meat. This is a great way to introduce a new protein while your pup is still enjoying an old favorite.

Your dog will still enjoy all of the great health benefits that come from Barkworthies Beef Trachea, including joint and mobility support from glucosamine and chondroitin. In addition, they get a bonus treat - heart-healthy, high protein kangaroo meat to really spark their interest and excitement.

As with all of Barkworthies products, our Beef Trachea with Kangaroo Filling are additive free, chemical-free and preservative free. In fact, most Barkworthies products are single-ingredient chews, which means they're healthy and safe.