Kenic Oxy-Sol

Kenic Oxy-Sol

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KENIC Oxy-Sol Pet Odor and Stain Remover removes pet odors and stains instantly. Formulated with powerful natural deodorizers, cleansers oxygenated bleach compounds and patented Ordenone TM. *Ordenone TM encapsulates, neutralizes and removes malodors. This product contains NO chlorine bleach and NO enzymes. NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY ON PETS. Keep out of eyes. 

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, natural deodorizers, *Ordenone TM

*ORDENONE® Eliminates Malodors Forever

  • ORDENONE is a concentrated compound that works on “contact” to entrap malodor molecules. This unique product material “surrounds” malodor molecules ORDENONE structure.
  • In addition to eliminating everyday odors, ORDENONE can also be formulated into a product to selectively deodorize undesirable components, such as an amine, for example.
  • With ORDENONE the process of odor elimination occurs immediately upon contact with offensive odor molecules.
  • ORDENONE must contact the malodor to be effective. The method of application and deployment is very important.
  • ORDENONE has no effect on the normal bacterial processes of the skin.