Natural Planet™ Rabbit & Salmon Entree Dog Food

Natural Planet™ Rabbit & Salmon Entree Dog Food

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Natural Planet™ Rabbit & Salmon Entree Grain Free combines rabbit and tasty salmon with wholesome fruits to deliver a healthy and delicious, easy to digest meal your dog will love. Natural Planet™ features organic and non-GMO ingredients to offer your dog a healthy, natural diet (with added vitamins and minerals). And because it is made by Natural Planet™ you can be sure that it is formulated and produced with care using the finest quality ingredients from our family to yours.


-Balanced Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids - Supports a healthy immune system, a shiny coat & soft supple skin.
-Organic Non-GMO Ingredients - Features Organic & non-GMO Ingredients to maintain a complete balanced nutrition for your dog.
-Prebiotics & Probiotics - Supports intestinal health and well-being for your dog.
-Wholesome Fruits - Contains wholesome fruits that contain important antioxidants

Available in: 5 lb., 15 lb. and 25 lb. bags